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DRESSILK® dressing temporarily covers superficial cutaneous wounds (superficial burns, split-thickness graft donor sites, clean superficial wounds and granulation tissue), creating a primary barrier to protect the wound.

It completely conforms to the shape of the wound, helping the patient to be free with his/her moves.

As soon as the barrier dressing is set up, there is no need of painful changes for the patient, and the dressing can stay on the wound, up to it falls, after a complete healing.

100% natural silk, it is completely safe and very soft when touched.

Its tranparency helps to follow wound evolution at the healing process beginning, in order to facilitate medical assessment and nursing care.

Available dressing sizes (cm)
10x10 20x30
Elongation capacity in 2D (60% and 30%) Flexibility and conformable to any anatomic area Patient comfort with a better mobility
Can stay up to 30 days on wounds
  • Closes the wound like a temporary skin.
  • No or less dressing changes during healing
  • Patient comfort
  • Just one application
Silk without serine protein
  • Soft
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Not allergenic
Conformable with any anatomic area for a better patient comfort. Well tolerated.
Temporary adherent and peels off itself when complete healing Preserved the wound bed up to a complete reepithelialisation
  • Better healing conditions
  • Patient comfort
  • Just one application
Thin knitted network
  • Transparent (with wound humidity)
  • Permeable: excessive exudates can go through
  • Temporary adherent
  • Wound observation is permitted in order to control possible infection or inflammatory signs
  • Preserve wet medium for a better healing
Steam sterilisation Sterile, harmless To limit infection


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